Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A new shop full of wonderful and colourful items - but also 1 very special item....

Yes...finally we are ready...our Etsy shop is filled with all kinds of colourful, bright and happy products.
A sneak peak of our special item, **** The Dreambell **** ...a must have...

What we have listed:
Custom Paintings for nursery or kids room
All kinds of Kids room Paintings
Design Wall Art, beautiful fantasy-like prints with a photo in it from your little miracle..
Soft toys and Dolls, bunnies, babushkas-matryoshka's
Design Birth and Wedding Announcements
Jewels, for moms and Moms to be...very special Necklaces with harmony Bells
and 1 item which is very special to us....

Something new and to raise money for a wonderful foundation in Holland: "de regenboogboom" ( the rainbowtree )

A Dreambell is a beautiful costumazible decoration-ball for your nursery or kidsroom. A joy to receive or to give as a present.

This dreamball is especially designed voor charity.
A part of the gain goes to a lovely foundation.
The " Rainbowtree" is a dutch foundation. They take children, suffering from a disease, along to the rainbow-world, by telling stories and singing beautiful songs. The children can forget their pain for a moment, and can "hide" in a beautiful and happy dreamworld.

Please take some time to check this out, and help raising money for this unique and wonderful foundation
( )

Make your own rainbow-world with this special Dreambell, and help realising a rainbow-world for these children at the same time...

In the meantime we have worked on our website as well, and in the future we will open a shop on the site besides our Etsy Store....but first, we will be busy creating all kinds of wonderful items ;-) That on itself is allready an achievement knowing that we are mothers of 3 and 4 kids ;-)

Bibi has got 2 little girls running around, and 1 at school...and i am having 2 at school and 1 little one of 6 you can imagine how it is...the kids are running around the whole day...and so are we ;-)

 Litlle Sneak Peak from Our day?

Cleaning the "danoontje" from the couch and the floor..."No, put the candy back in the allready have eaten half of the bag when i was not looking for a moment " ( remind me that i need to put the candy higher next time ...) "Put that down"... " NOOO !!" .... "ah...he is finally sleeping...""oh...he is awake again, thanks for being quiet when he is sleeping, NOT " "give it back to her" " do not smash the spoon out of my hands..." " great , now the food is against the wall ", and i need to wash too...."OH NO...i need to be at school in 10  minutes " while it is 15 minutes drive...hurry to make dinner and than back to school again for the activities ( after all we are GOOD mothers and we would like to please our little ones ....) and so on ..and so on...this is only a small part of the day we normally have i guess, whahaaa...but hey...WE LOVE IT , and would not want to miss it......They mean the world to us!

So, as you might understand, our most productive hours are in the evening and night .... ( when the kids are not awake ;-))

Euhmm...Why i am telling you idea....i forgot why i started to talk about this...must be because my eyelids are hanging on the floor at this moment, probably from 2 weeks till 3 in the night listing , designing and creating...It amazes me that i still know who i am...hihi...

Anyway...after spending so much work and time on filling our Etsy Store...we hope you come and check our handmade items , and let us know what you think!!

Next time a more organized blog...i promiss ;-)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Started on Etsy....

Hello All!

Okay...the website is a lot more work than we thought, at least the installation from a cart/ecommerce seems not to be compatible with the design we allready have made...
So, that will take a little bit more time...but don't the meantime we started a shop on Etsy....

There allready are a couple of listings with our wonderful fantasy art. Beautifully designed, and looking great on the wall. A true keepsake, birth(day) gift, or just to show the world what a proud mom you are ! Really something special and unique....

Visit to seemore of these wonderful designs...
We also love to make custom designs.

We will be busy the coming days listing check out our Etsy store now and than ;-)