Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Moodboard and more.....

Busy, busy, busy...we are still working on the website!

The header is finished...the categories as well...so we only need to install the webshop and fill it with all our handmade items.

Here you can see the moodboard we made for the website, before we made the header...
And here you can see a previous attempt for a header.

We decided to make it a little less colourful at the end,  because otherwise there would be too much colours with our products showing on the same page...
So if you are curious how the final header is....come and have a look at  JA-factory

When we were discussing the categories we needed we realised how much different things we are going to make...
To give you an idea of the products we are making:

* Wall art by Nanda : everything you can hang on the walls, paintings etc.
* Fairy Art by Bibi : dreamy, fairy like compositions, also with pictures from kids in it, to hang on the wall
* Soft toys
* Soft dolls
* Kids room decoration like cushions, baniers, little flags, dreamies ( very nice with beads etc ) and more
* Jewelry for moms, pregnancy jewelry ( very beautiful! ), and jewels for little girls.
* Cards, birth announcements, wedding cards, communion etc.
* Baby things like bibs, cuddle blankies, tag blankies etc.
* Other things like keyrings etc.

So as you can see we will have a wide range of choice ! And ofcourse everything will be hand made by us, with our own special touch.

Hopefully we can open the website soon !! In the meantime...please forward it...and spread the word !!


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