Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A new shop full of wonderful and colourful items - but also 1 very special item....

Yes...finally we are ready...our Etsy shop is filled with all kinds of colourful, bright and happy products.
A sneak peak of our special item, **** The Dreambell **** ...a must have...

What we have listed:
Custom Paintings for nursery or kids room
All kinds of Kids room Paintings
Design Wall Art, beautiful fantasy-like prints with a photo in it from your little miracle..
Soft toys and Dolls, bunnies, babushkas-matryoshka's
Design Birth and Wedding Announcements
Jewels, for moms and Moms to be...very special Necklaces with harmony Bells
and 1 item which is very special to us....

Something new and to raise money for a wonderful foundation in Holland: "de regenboogboom" ( the rainbowtree )

A Dreambell is a beautiful costumazible decoration-ball for your nursery or kidsroom. A joy to receive or to give as a present.

This dreamball is especially designed voor charity.
A part of the gain goes to a lovely foundation.
The " Rainbowtree" is a dutch foundation. They take children, suffering from a disease, along to the rainbow-world, by telling stories and singing beautiful songs. The children can forget their pain for a moment, and can "hide" in a beautiful and happy dreamworld.

Please take some time to check this out, and help raising money for this unique and wonderful foundation
( )

Make your own rainbow-world with this special Dreambell, and help realising a rainbow-world for these children at the same time...

In the meantime we have worked on our website as well, and in the future we will open a shop on the site besides our Etsy Store....but first, we will be busy creating all kinds of wonderful items ;-) That on itself is allready an achievement knowing that we are mothers of 3 and 4 kids ;-)

Bibi has got 2 little girls running around, and 1 at school...and i am having 2 at school and 1 little one of 6 you can imagine how it is...the kids are running around the whole day...and so are we ;-)

 Litlle Sneak Peak from Our day?

Cleaning the "danoontje" from the couch and the floor..."No, put the candy back in the allready have eaten half of the bag when i was not looking for a moment " ( remind me that i need to put the candy higher next time ...) "Put that down"... " NOOO !!" .... "ah...he is finally sleeping...""oh...he is awake again, thanks for being quiet when he is sleeping, NOT " "give it back to her" " do not smash the spoon out of my hands..." " great , now the food is against the wall ", and i need to wash too...."OH NO...i need to be at school in 10  minutes " while it is 15 minutes drive...hurry to make dinner and than back to school again for the activities ( after all we are GOOD mothers and we would like to please our little ones ....) and so on ..and so on...this is only a small part of the day we normally have i guess, whahaaa...but hey...WE LOVE IT , and would not want to miss it......They mean the world to us!

So, as you might understand, our most productive hours are in the evening and night .... ( when the kids are not awake ;-))

Euhmm...Why i am telling you idea....i forgot why i started to talk about this...must be because my eyelids are hanging on the floor at this moment, probably from 2 weeks till 3 in the night listing , designing and creating...It amazes me that i still know who i am...hihi...

Anyway...after spending so much work and time on filling our Etsy Store...we hope you come and check our handmade items , and let us know what you think!!

Next time a more organized blog...i promiss ;-)


  1. I will check out your shop, right away!

  2. Congrats on opening! I'm working on opening a shop too!

  3. oooo nice one for opening a shop! i love checknig out new sellers, im off for a looky now :D

  4. Congratulations on your new shop. May it see many, many sales :)